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You aren’t online yet ? what the f*** !
You must have heard that one a million times and so, in a rush you create a website. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad.
We are here to make it good and most of all efficient, responsive, creative, smooth, and engaging. Yes all that!

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/ Deploy your brand

It is all about the growth of your business and you need the people to be aware of your business. Even without websites you have an online identity starting with all the online reviews, social media and blog. A website is required to gain control of your online brand’s identity, consolidate your image and spread it.

A good start is a website to introduce yourself, explaining what you do or sell. Give to the people useful intel while letting them know how you see your brand and what you have to offer at any time any place.
Moreover, the idea here is to put your potential into a personalized good looking websites.

Showcase website - Multimedia Works (MMI) Castres, France
E-shop - Zestore

We are obsessed by the idea of giving you the online communication you deserve.

Showcase Website, presenting services - SIFT
Showcase Website - Librairie Biffures
Graphic redesign - Urbalyon
/ Reach your community

Extend your shop or your brand online. A website is a direct line to your community. A starting point for some, discovering your universe through search engine results. A returning for others who are making their opinion. Let’s work on your message and how to show it. We are able to create a high end website to adore your firm.

Showcase Website - Dentifit
Showcase Website - WOW Scan
Web Development - Restalliance
Showcase Website - Solid Robotics
/ Experience

Indeed some may like it rough, but most prefer having a sweet simple users experiences that adapt to their specs. Plus, we are fond of smooth animations and stunning visuals. Cherry on the top, we keep our code clean to get the best loading time, compatibility and improve SEO.
Simply put, we don't do website like condom, one size doesn’t fit all. We make personalised websites. As we consider a good website to be one that has been made with a lot of thought and creativity in order to enhance your brand.

Showcase Website - Le Filochard
E-shop - The Bookshop

We are obsessed with making the world wide web a beautiful place.

/ Develop your brand

First never forget a website isn’t an engraved rock it can evolve or they can even be episodic. Your business can improve, grow and so does your website ! We help you keep your online alter ego up to date and improve it with new pages or functionalities.

Product Design, UX/UI - PegaseBuzz